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Nefianto Setiono
"Unique talent to incorporate a bride and groom�s characters into the designs"

Starting his floral and wedding decoration merely 10 years ago , Nefianto Setiono is now one of the most sought after wedding decorators in Indonesia, with a client base that includes socialites, celebrities, and the elites of the country. Although he studied Electronic Engineering and Business Management in Canada, Nefi knew that his passion was more towards arts.

Nefi is famously known for his original designs and for his unique talent to incorporate a bride and groom’s characters into the designs. Never one to compromise safety for beauty, Nefi considers every single aspect of decor to bring the fantasy-like experience to his clients. His breathtaking and over-flowing floral designs have captured the eyes and hearts of many brides and grooms looking for an intimate and memorable experience with their loved ones on their special day. Wedding party guests are surely lost in Nefi’s magical creations and will have an unforgettable experience.

Nefi is often described as a remarkable artist, a visionary, whose designs are always elegant, fresh, and more importantly, original.

Ery Touwani
"Ery shares Nefi�s vision to be a trendsetter in the wedding decoration industry"

A life and business partner of Nefi, Ery Touwani is the pillar of all social and business meetings with their clients. She is very well in-sync with the concepts and ideals of Nefi, which made her the perfect person in supervising the production, installation and also procurement of flowers and equipment used in the assembling of the designs. Having studied in Switzerland for Hotel Management and in Melbourne for Electronic Data Processing, she realized that supporting her husband was the best decision she has ever made. Ery, who is a true admirer of Nefi’s unique creations, shares Nefi’s vision to be a trendsetter in the wedding decoration industry and for it to be an inspiration for others.

"San-san ensures that even the most intricate designs can be created within the deadline."

Susany Alimwidjaja, or more famously known as San San, is Nefi and Ery’s most trusted friends & personnel in the company. Having met Nefi and Ery 10 years ago, they started the floral design business together, building the company until it has reached its current five-star status. Having studied in Melbourne for Banking and Finance, she handles the accounting in the company. San San is the operation manager during installation of the décor on location. She also assists Ery in the company’s administration and production, ensuring that even the most intricate designs can be created within the deadline.

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